Surviving Dreamforce 2014


Salesforce’s Dreamforce is coming up quick! Follow these survival tips for making the most out of the most highly anticipated event of the year, #DF14:

Before You Go:

      1. Use the agenda builder on the Dreamforce website to make it easier to register for every session you want to attend.
      2. Download the Dreamforce App to have easy access to your agenda and Chatter.
      3. Understand the campus. Dreamforce has multiple venues in Downtown San Francisco.
      4. Pack business cards. You’ll be meeting interesting people every two minutes.
      5. Pack MORE business cards! You’ll need more than you think.
      6. Download an app like EverNote to take a picture of received business cards. It’ll scan, process, and organize all the information on it for you, saving a lot of time!
      7. Make sure your professional information on LinkedIn is up to date.
      8. Set up an rideshare account before you leave, this is the easiest way to get around San Francisco. Use these codes to get discounts! Lyft: ROMAN149 , Uber: sd3esh , Sidecar: g4gyp , Hitch: Roman
      9. Bring layers. San Francisco weather can get windy and chilly, don’t be caught unprepared.
      10. Don’t forget your device chargers!
      11. With tens of thousands of people indoors, cell phone service can be unreliable. Consider a PBX solution, which enables you to be reached over WiFi or cellular.
      12. Pump yourself up to Bruno Mars jams and get ready to party hard at the Dreamforce Gala!

While You’re There:

    1. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet the best and the brightest. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible.
    2. Get inspired!
    3. Consider how heavy your laptop is going to feel at the end of the day. If you’re a non-developer, opt for a tablet or smartphone to take notes on.
    4. Wear comfortable shoes.
    5. Keep a pen on you and jot down a few words on the back of business cards to remember why you took them.
    6. Remember EverNote to digitalize collected business cards.
    7. Use the Dreamforce App to keep on top of your schedule.
    8. Stay hydrated! There’s a lot of excitement, don’t forget to drink water.
    9. Dreamforce is a multi-day event. Plan well and pace yourself.
    10. Look out for unicorns, pandas, and other cool freebies!