Voice Broadcasting and Debt Collection

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VoIP Panda ranks amongst the most competitive providers of business telephony solutions.  One highly sought after solution utilized by Debt Collection organizations is the Advanced Voice Broadcasting 4K system.  Using VoIP Panda technology, collection agencies can improve their collection department’s productivity.

The automatic phone dialing system, Advanced Voice Broadcasting 4K, enables you to call your past-due accounts and play a pre-recorded message informing the call recipient of the late payment.  This message may contain information unique to each individual you are calling and what action the individual needs to perform to settle their debt.


Types Of Payment Reminders:

  • Automatic Reminders – No Agents Required – Our service can play different messages based upon the queues you create which could be based on the delinquent amount and/or how long the amount has been overdue.  Once contact is made with an individual, your message may provide instructions on how to repay the indebted amount.
    • You may configure this product so that call recipients can press a keypad digit to confirm an action such as “Press # to leave a message”.
  • Automatic Reminders With Agents (Press 1 Campaign) – In addition, an option can be implemented for call recipients to contact one of your live collection agents by pressing a number, in which case our service will transfer the call to one of your agents.
    • At that point, when your collection agent speaks with an individual with a past due account, the purpose of the call has already been identified and the agent can spend more time arriving at a settlement for late payment accounts.

With the two applications described above, debt collectors would no longer have to spend hours dialing numbers, dealing with busy signals, and repeating routine introductions and messages.  Your calls will be more productive and efficient because routine functions can be completely handled by the phone system.  Routine calls can be eliminated completely when the debtor follows the instructions you provide in your phone message.

Should you decide you’d like to have live agents, you can accomplish much more using fewer collection agents processing more calls.  Your debt collectors can spend their time handling more complex debt collection calls instead of having their time consumed explaining and repeating simple information.


Implementation Ideas:

Unlike other systems, VoIP Panda can provide any type of calling solution required by your organization and can even blend several types to determine what works best in your specific collection department.  Our system is 100% user controllable.  Some implementation examples are:

  • Voice Broadcasting Late Payment Dialer – Configure the system to call past due accounts and play a pre-recorded message either to an individual or to an answering machine. A collection agent is not involved.  This technique could be useful as a first attempt to collect overdue accounts.  The message could be simply a reminder with instructions on how to bring the account out of a negative balance.
  • Voice Broadcasting and Touchphone Response – This method expands the prior call broadcasting technique.  The debt collection voice broadcasting system plays a message that gives the debtor options from which to select. Using touchphone responses such as “Press 1 for…”, choices could include methods of payment or perhaps the option of speaking with one of your representatives.  A different message can be configured for answering machines.
  • Answering Machine Detection – With VoIP Panda’s Advanced Voice Message Drop, a call is never wasted.  Configure a different message specific for answering machines.Or exclude answering machines altogether to ensure that your message is being played to real people, making your campaigns more effective and saving you an average of 30% on calls.

You can upload broadcast recordings, manage lists, start and stop campaigns- all from our easy-to-use flash interface.


Add to the discussion!  Do you have any questions on how to best use voice broadcasting for your Debt Collection organization?  Please comment below.



Vicky Vermazen

Author Bio: Vicky grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Having spent her formative years in the world’s leading hub for innovation and technology, Silicon Valley, she fosters a well-developed interest in all things high-tech and cutting edge.  When she’s not working, she’s perfecting her tortilla soup recipe, crunching Autumn leaves underfoot, and taking her rambunctious dog to obedience training classes.


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