4 Criteria For Evaluating Business Telephone Systems


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Business Telephone Systems can be beneficial to all sorts of organizations, from Dentistry Clinics to Property Management businesses.  Deciding it’s time to purchase a PBX solution is the easy part.  Singling out a service provider amongst a sea of recommendations, ads, and promotions can be difficult.  So what’s the best way to compare and evaluate different products and providers?  Here are 4 important criteria you should consider:



Scalability: Your business’ needs are unique and can change over time.  A good PBX system can easily grow with your company.  You should look for a system which allows seamless growth from one user to 500.  An ideal Business Telephone System is also location agnostic, which means that the system supports working from anywhere- whether your workers each working from home, multiple offices, or the road.  That also means you can sync a second location to your current system.

dollar signCosts: Find out what the initial costs are.  Are IP phones, better Internet connectivity, or a new router required?  Or can you use your existing computers and Internet service paired with cost-effective headsets?  An ideal service provider can deliver a PBX system for as little overhead as possible.  Also, be on the lookout for hidden costs!  Are there penalty fees associated to making changes?  Read the fine print and understand the contract.

Key to successEase:  Be sure to demo perspective systems before committing.  Look for an intuitive user interface that allows you to customize your system.  The easier it is to use, the sooner you can fully take advantage of features.  Time is money!

supportSupport:  Your business needs are unique.  A solution that fits a large company with a distributed workforce might not work perfectly for a small company that needs the capabilities of working from the road.  Does the service provider listen to your specific needs and offer helpful and knowledgable advice?  Good communication from the beginning can give you a clue to how well they’ll be able to resolve problems that may come up.  Look for a provider with expertise.


What criteria are most important to your company?  Comment below.



Vicky Vermazen


Author Bio: Vicky grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Having spent her formative years in the world’s leading hub for innovation and technology, Silicon Valley, she fosters a well-developed interest in all things high-tech and cutting edge.  When she’s not working, she’s rhythmically swaying to slow jams, finding excuses to use more glitter, and snowshoeing in the backcountry.