Happy VoIP Panda Day!

Birthday Pandas

Every year on December 6th, we begin celebrating at 8:36 in the morning.  That’s the moment VoipPanda.com was registered by our founder, bringing a company and a dream into existence.  VoIP Panda has a lot to commemorate on our special day.  In the last year we’ve advanced significantly as a company, gaining new products, new features, and fantastic clients.

We’ve expanded into Voice Broadcasting, Predictive Dialing, and PBX.

This year to mark VoIP Panda Day, we are offering a 15% discount on our already affordable Predictive Dialing or Voice Broadcasting rates.  The offer may be applied to the first month of service to any new customer that mentions this blog post!

At VoIP Panda, we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality and excellence.  And our highest honor is when our passion transforms organizations into more profitable and efficient operations.  Please read our recent blog post on how our Business Telephone System (PBX) helps Real Estate professionals.  Also discover how our Voice Broadcasting 4K System can improve Debt Collection organizations in this informative blog post from last month.

Happy VoIP Panda Day!  If you have any questions about how VoIP Panda can help your company, please leave a comment below!