• No Charge for Busy or Unanswered Calls
  • Simple User Interface
  • Private/White Label Interfacing for Wholesalers, Resellers and Carriers
  • Low cost call termination from 1 cent per min for US
  • International Support Available!

PBX Features

  • Easy Extension and User Management: Easily add new users to the system and quickly configure your SIP extensions.
  • Route Configuration: Choose how you want your Inbound DIDs routed to single extensions, IVR’s, Ring Groups and More.
  • Simple Outbound Routing: All calls are configured to use our High Grade carrier services or make your own selections if you have an existing carrier.
  • Billing and CDRs: Bill your customers at your own rates and have use CDR ‘s to track their usage.
  • Advanced Calling Features: IVR’s can be used for welcome messages, call queues for groups of agents, Routing to external SIP numbers, voicemail to email are all available and more.
  • Use the product with your existing Services: Have agents pickup calls from our Voice Broadcasting Platform
  • Call recording: Choose which calls you want to record, inbound, outbound, internal or all calls on the system
  • System Monitoring: Check your current usages of the PBX, system load and user registrations.
  • Call Logging: See detailed logs of the calls made and received by the system (Useful for any debugging).
  • Your Logo, Our System (Private/White Label): Resellers, brokers, and carriers welcome!


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