4 Criteria For Evaluating Business Telephone Systems


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Business Telephone Systems can be beneficial to all sorts of organizations, from Dentistry Clinics to Property Management businesses.  Deciding it’s time to purchase a PBX solution is the easy part.  Singling out a service provider amongst a sea of recommendations, ads, and promotions can be difficult.  So what’s the best way to compare and evaluate different products and providers?  Here are 4 important criteria you should consider:


VoIP Panda Canned Food Drive

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‘Tis the season to make a difference!  This week at VoIP Panda’s workspace in Reno there will be a great opportunity for friends, coworkers, clients, and visitors to help us contribute to the community.  I know what you’re thinking, but no, I’m not talking about our Predictive Dialer solution…


Happy VoIP Panda Day!

Birthday Pandas

Every year on December 6th, we begin celebrating at 8:36 in the morning.  That’s the moment VoipPanda.com was registered by our founder, bringing a company and a dream into existence.  VoIP Panda has a lot to commemorate on our special day.  In the last year we’ve advanced significantly as a company, gaining new products, new features, and fantastic clients.

We’ve expanded into Voice Broadcasting, Predictive Dialing, and PBX.

This year to mark VoIP Panda Day, we are offering a 15% discount on our already affordable Predictive Dialing or Voice Broadcasting rates.  The offer may be applied to the first month of service to any new customer that mentions this blog post!

At VoIP Panda, we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality and excellence.  And our highest honor is when our passion transforms organizations into more profitable and efficient operations.  Please read our recent blog post on how our Business Telephone System (PBX) helps Real Estate professionals.  Also discover how our Voice Broadcasting 4K System can improve Debt Collection organizations in this informative blog post from last month.

Happy VoIP Panda Day!  If you have any questions about how VoIP Panda can help your company, please leave a comment below!

Voice Broadcasting and Debt Collection

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VoIP Panda ranks amongst the most competitive providers of business telephony solutions.  One highly sought after solution utilized by Debt Collection organizations is the Advanced Voice Broadcasting 4K system.  Using VoIP Panda technology, collection agencies can improve their collection department’s productivity.

The automatic phone dialing system, Advanced Voice Broadcasting 4K, enables you to call your past-due accounts and play a pre-recorded message informing the call recipient of the late payment.  This message may contain information unique to each individual you are calling and what action the individual needs to perform to settle their debt. More

Surviving Dreamforce 2014


Salesforce’s Dreamforce is coming up quick! Follow these survival tips for making the most out of the most highly anticipated event of the year, #DF14:

Before You Go:

  1. Use the agenda builder on the Dreamforce website to make it easier to register for every session you want to attend.
  2. Download the Dreamforce App to have easy access to your agenda and Chatter.
  3. Understand the campus. Dreamforce has multiple venues in Downtown San Francisco.
  4. Pack business cards. You’ll be meeting interesting people every two minutes.
  5. More

PBX for Real Estate Agents

Handing over keys to a new home owner

Real Estate Agents are no strangers to technology, utilizing tools on the internet such as online listings and virtual tours to reach customers and sell land and properties.  They can also take advantage of web-based telephone services to give them the advantage of working from anywhere.


Why Choose VoIP?

Outdated Communication Technology

Outdated Communication Technology

There are many advantages to choosing VoIP services over other options.  But perhaps the greatest advantages to Internet-based telephony solutions are it’s affordability and flexibility.

Why is VoIP service so much cheaper than traditional phone service?  VoIP systems use a low bandwidth technology.  Land lines are expensive to route and require dedicated circuit-routes, while VoIP data packets use the cheapest and most efficient shared digital routes.  VoIP system technology allows providers to pass significant savings on to their customers.


VoIP Basics: What is VoIP?

VoIP-ConnectedVoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which can be described as a type of phone service delivered through the Internet.  VoIP can also be referred to as IP Telephony, Trunking, or Internet Telephony.  VoIP service allows calls to be made and received via the Internet without the need for service from a local phone company.